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Freedom - Sovereignty and Human Rights are Your Birthrights!

Updated: May 3, 2022

Maneka and Kristopher are both passionate about supporting people to find their sovereignty and understand their natural rights. Especially in these times of turmoil and great confusion it is more important than ever to be an example and to show the way to create the life that we all want to live, in freedom sovereignty and co-elevation.

Maneka is a leader for change and have dedicated her life to create a better world for the children and generations to come. To know more about Manekas engagements as Chairman of World Freedom Alliance, Chairman of Frihet Sverige, and core member of the New Earth Project, Click on the images below to learn more:

Kristopher is dedicated to help others walk the path towards sovereignty and independence of old dysfunctional systems and mindsets on all levels. He has studied Natural Law for many years and is being mentored, among others, by Mark Pytelek, one of the worlds most renowned experts in Natural Law. Freedom is not only to know your natural rights but to know how to be free and independent on multiple levels of your life. Kristopher has walked his talk and have overcome addiction, mental imbalances economic and health issues. Through the eye of the storm he has found tools to empower you and help you become strong and Souvereign on multiple levels. To learn more about sovereignty, health and financial independence, book a free exploration call with Kristopher.

We partner with Mark Pytelek and Solutions Empowerment, one of the worlds leading platforms for educating people about Natural Law and step into your own Sovereignty, for more information see:

Coming up....Workshops and Education in Natural Law and Sovereignty. To learn more about what we do and explore how we can support you to level up your life book a free exploration call:

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